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You Drive and TruckSpot Will Handle the Rest.

TruckSpot is a Third-Party Administrator/Consortium that provides Department of Transportation (DOT)/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulated screening and compliance services, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulated safety training, and pre-employment services to transportation and logistics companies throughout the United States. 

Our mission is to increase safety awareness, reduce risk, and follow best practices that enable our clients to stay current in an ever-changing workforce. Our goal is to support drivers and the transportation and logistics industry by partnering as a one-stop solution to large and small companies, including owner-operators in need of professional back-office transportation services required by the DOT/FMCSA. 

We also believe that pre-employment background screening is an essential step in assessing risk during the hiring process.  TruckSpot offers advanced background screening that includes live scan fingerprinting, remote I-9 verifications, and identification/badge photography.  Having the results of a background check in your hands can help you make the best decision about applicants and how their history may affect job performance.

​Let TruckSpot take the load of your business by being a partner to your organization.

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